"Votive arks" mixed media 2018

Untitle / mixed media 2018

"The Veil"oil on old wood 2018

"The Grand Judge" oil on masonite 2018



"Praxis" is a work of three parts
Two paintings and an installation of treated photographs.
The symbolism of hand movement as an action (praxis) of the holy while simultaneously so human.
The "instrument" of craftmanship that functions as a symbolic through the geometrical perception of the world and the definition of human existence.
Birth and death as signalment of the material and spiritual being.

PRAXIS III - METAVASIS (Transition) Acrylics and white ink on wood panel 100x125 cm

PRAXIS II /ANA-STASIS(Resurrection)Acrylics and white ink on wood panel 100 x 125 cm

Praxis - photo manipulation (each 25 x 20cm print on forex)